Eco-Flex Articulating Block Mat

The ARMORFORM® Eco-Flex Articulating Block Mat (EABM) shall be woven in such a manner as to provide a woven double-layer, joined into a matrix of rectangular compartments (blocks) each separated by an area of non-woven yarn to produce a 25% open cell mat. Ducts (grout tubes) interconnect each block and high strength revetment cables are installed between blocks and through the grout tubes joining one block to the next. The non-woven areas between the blocks serve as a hinge to permit articulation, while the cables remain embedded in the concrete blocks to facilitate articulation.

Open cells provide environmentally compatible protection against periodic high flows. After installation, fill material and vegetation can be planted within the open structure of the mat. Eco-Flex mats are comprised of concrete-filled elements and unfilled areas that allow for the establishment of vegetation. Once the concrete sets, the defined, unfilled and interwoven areas (approximately 25% of the pumped area) are opened and filled with topsoil and seeded. Within a growing season a vegetated cover will normally extend over the lining, resulting in an erosion control system with the hydraulic, ecological and aesthetic features desired.

ARMORFORM® Articulating Block Mat (ABM)
Style Average Block Dimensions (in) Avg. Unit Weight (lb./ft2) Block Weight (lb.) Concrete Coverage (ft2/cy)
4EABM 20 x 14x 4 35 90 90

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