The ARMORFORM® Advantage

ARMORFORM® is a proven product with millions of square feet installed over the past 35+ years. We firmly believe in our products ability to provide a unique and proven solution to permanent hard armor erosion control. ARMORFORM® fabric formed concrete revetments continue to set the bar in erosion protection by consistently outperforming traditional concrete slope paving, gabions, precast concrete blocks, and rip rap. Engineers and contractors specializing in the design and installation of erosion control solutions have reaped the benefits of this proven product. Thousands of installations have provided solid empirical evidence that ARMORFORM® fabric-formed concrete erosion protection systems outperform all alternatives.


  • Our staff engineers complete thorough plan reviews and assist the project consultant or contractor with value engineered alternative to conventional products.
  • Hydraulic stability calculations can be performed by our engineer to support project consultants with an accurate product selection.
  • Using the latest in Civil 3D drafting software, our de-sign team will meticulously construct a panel layout and fabrication drawings.
  • A complete submittal package, including specifications, details, drawings, material data sheets, material certifi-cations, etc. will be provided.
  • Our staff of experienced construction personnel assists with evaluating realistic installed cost of our products for use in budgeting or engineers opinion of probable cost.


ARMORFORM® Linings and Mats provide the high degree of stability needed to resist the stresses associat-ed with high velocity flows and hydrostatic pressures. Unlike rip rap, gabions, precast concrete blocks, and conventional concrete slope, our flexible product selection gives a greater degree of control over the

  • Reduced Uplift Pressures: Many styles of ARMORFORM® can be manufactured with built-in filter drains that reduce hydrostatic pressure.
  • Management of Hydraulic Flow: Many ARMORFORM® Fabric Forms construct concrete linings and mats in various patterned surfaces. These patterns create a low or high coefficients of hydraulic friction de-pending on the product selected. These options mean designers can affect the flow characteristics of a channel, creating the opportunity for an “engineered” hydraulic system. By choosing the correct style of form, in-channel flow can be slowed, reducing downstream velocities and discharge turbulence. Or an hydraulically-efficient, smooth form can be chosen to maximize drainage from a given area.
  • Adaptation to Soil Contours: Filled-in-place fabric forms accom-modate uneven contours, curves, and subgrades at the time that they are filled. Consequently, the soil and the concrete protec-tion are in intimate contact, reducing the chance of under-scour. Some forms create discrete concrete units, attached to each other with fabric perimeters and/or embedded cables. As a result, the concrete mats can articulate to adapt to uneven settle-ment.


  • Simple Job Mobilization: Fabric forms are extremely lightweight, so they can be rapidly shipped any-where in the world. By simply shipping the light-weight forms, the client can save of freight cost. The contractors procure concrete from a local supplier leaving less mark-up to the end user.
  • Ease of Installation: ARMORFORM® Fabric Forms are delivered to the job site ready-to-fill. Installation consists of preparing the area, laying out the fabric forms, and filling them with concrete through a small-line concrete pump. No additional forming materials (wood, steel, etc.) or concrete finishing is re-quired. The fabric forms themselves assure that the concrete assumes the proper configuration, contours, dimensions, and thickness. A small crew can handle the installation, and fabric forms can be installed without dewatering the site.
  • Minimal Equipment: Once the job site is prepared, simple hand tools and a concrete pump are all that are needed. Pumping can be performed from up to 800 feet away, reducing the need for large handling equipment or access improvements. Issues with remote and limited access are significantly reduced.

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