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About The Product

Carolina Yarn and Fabrics, LLC, based in Laurens, SC, is a leading manufacturer and principal supplier of Armorform® highly engineered fabric formed concrete erosion control and scour protection systems. These systems have been utilized for more than 40 years around the world. A trusted partner to our clients, we draw together teams of project managers, engineers, production and field service managers, dedicated to sustainable solutions. We support engineering, government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions to problems focusing on infrastructure, water, environment, industry and energy. Our engineered products, comprehensive technical support, and responsive delivery have resulted in most of our projects being repeat work with long-standing clients. We are proud of our record and recognize that our success depends on meeting or exceeding our client's expectations for delivery, innovation, quality and service.

1988 - Armorform reaches 10mm S.F. Installed
1989 - Endicott Island, AK sets Record for LArgest Armorform project to date. Over 4,000 bags and 240 revetment
mats installed inside the Arctic Circle
1993 - Armorform accepted for use in mining facilities
1995 - Armorform reaches 30 MM S.F. Installed
1997 - Nicolon sells product line to Armorform, Inc

2012 NOVA Award Winner -- Olmsted Dam Project (Olmsted Dam)

We Built Armorform

We have been transforming every service to become reality

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